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(July 2023) 

As I walked alone in the park, with my headphones and my wide selection of podcasts to choose from, I glanced around just taking in all the beauty of the gigantic, low-hanging and wildly growing trees,
the smell of the freshly cut grass, and the crisp feeling of the breeze brushing against my skin.
A moment of thanks came over me. This thankful moment, in fact, has been popping up more and more.

I am clearly more in tune, I thought to myself, with how truly thankful I am, just to be breathing, and alive, and in the present.

Tomorrow is tomorrow. Today is precious. I appreciate this moment.

Along the path, I eventually noticed an elderly man holding hands with, who I assumed was his son. The son, who was about 5’2” (maybe 5’3”) tall, had a somewhat stocky build, walked with a serious side lean and a heavily hunched and misaligned back posture. He appeared middle aged, and certainly developmentally delayed. I smiled immediately, both inside and outwardly. Dad and I locked eyes, nodding and smiling at each other. I hope he didn’t think I was feeling sorry for him/them, as caring for anyone with special needs is admirably challenging. I hope he saw my smile as genuine joy in simply seeing the two of them out at the park,
engaging with each other, and living in the present.


Tomorrow is tomorrow. That was precious to see. I appreciated that


Dad and son gravitated to the small children’s playground area. Dad guided his son up the ladder towards the top of the slide. There were three little girls nearby, gazing, staring, standing frozen in amazement. I hope they, too, will remember this moment in time. I imagine they might wonder about life with more curiosity.


Do they know that tomorrow is tomorrow, and that this was a precious site to see, today?


I hope so.  One day they will.

SDaniels, MSN, RN 

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